School for Living

The health of an organism is measured by its ability to create what it needs. To be able to do so the organism-- which for our purposes is a human-- must be able to be

  • centered in its self; aware of its own circumstances,
  • clear about its aim: mindful of what it needs, and
  • skillful in its means: able to act with wisdom and power.

These are capacities we are always moving towards... never fully realizing. Our goal here, as much as possible, is to become healthy humans. We are never done growing up and we have never fully plumbed the depths of what is available to us as humans.

Some of us are Whole to Part learners and some of us are Part to Whole learners. That is, for some of us the details don't make sense until we have a vision of the larger picture. Others have little concern for the big picture; they just want to know what to do next.

Our big picture is the Orders of Self. It is a map for understanding the possibilities that are open to us as we continue to mature into the fullness of our being.

Our immediate picture is JustConflict. It is a step-by-step process for looking at the places we are stuck and seeing in them the clues for knowing how to expand our lives into a New Way of Being.

The content for all of these courses are addressed in the book Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution and more about the book (including a pdf of the whole thing) is available at

The big picture as the Orders of Self shows a conceptual map of the development of the Proximal Self. Who we know ourselves to be grows and transforms as we grow up. We are never done, but once we have attained a level of maturity equal to those around us, continuing growth gets harder and harder to do.

The immediacy of the conflicts that arise in our day-to-day lives is addressed in the series of steps laid out in the process of JustConflict. We all have conflicts in our lives and the biggest ones are with those we are closest to. Often we come to believe that certain conflicts are intractable… irresolvable. It is true that many conflicts won't be solved. But they all can be resolved. We don't solve them in the sense that there is something we can do that makes them permanently go away. We learn to re-solve them in that we gain mastery at addressing them whenever they arise such that we create what we need and in so doing also create what those around us need.

Online and In person

This is the online presence of the School for Living. There are three other sites that you may find helpful. Mentioned above is the site for the book at Additionally there is a site that includes a blog for the school and some general information (and was initially intended to be the site for this school) at

The school is a program of Pilgrimage: a virtual interspiritual viillage. For more information about this community check out the community site where you can learn about virtual events or the website where there are links to other resources.